Artist changes the

color temperature

of old paintings.

The result is striking

6500K, 2017- ongoing
In the old days, way before electricity was invented, a common motif of the so-called “chiaroscuro” (Italian for light-dark) painting was the human face lit theatrically by a single light source e.g. a burning candle. Today, as our faces reflect the cool light of the digital screens, visual artist David Stjernholm changes the color temperature of old chiaroscuro paintings in his ongoing project “6500K”. The result is oddly contemporary – see for yourself! And don't miss the last one!

Gerard van Honthorst: A Musical Party, c.1616-1618

Georges de La Tour: The Choirboy, c. 1645

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn: The Holy Family at Night, 1642 - 1648

Gerard van Honthorst: Musizierende Gesellschaft bei Kerzenschein

Gerard van Honthorst: Boy blowing on an ember, 1614

Gerard van Honthorst: Falschspieler

Georges de La Tour:The Repentant Magdalen, 1635

Rembrandt: Die Anbetung der Hirten, 1646

Georges De La Tour: The Newborn, c. 1645

Godfried Schalcken, Man with a Candle, 1643-1706