Accommodations, 2014

It is a dwelling. And the process by which the eye increases optical power to maintain a clear image of a moving object. And about adjustments. The way this text tries to speak to you. The process of making yourself at home. A wish to balance and a wish to destabilize. A steady drift in-between. All made in a state of benign positional vertigo.

statement stjernholm accommodations-6301.jpg stjernholm accommodations-6201.jpg
Epiphyte, 2014

Tillandsia (air plant), Levitron stjernholm accommodations-6209.jpg stjernholm accommodations-6230.jpg
Bedclothes, 2014

Pattern used to calibrate Google Street View cameras stjernholm accommodations-6291.jpg
Levels, 2014

Feng Shui compass, bookshelf stjernholm accommodations-6250.jpg stjernholm accommodations-.jpg stjernholm accommodations-6242.jpg stjernholm accommodations-62502.jpg stjernholm accommodations-6662.jpg
Chameleon, 2014

8 min. HD-video, looped chameleon skin in 360° hue displacement stjernholm accommodations-6547.jpg stjernholm accommodations-6558.jpg stjernholm accommodations-6574.jpg stjernholm accommodations-6387.jpg stjernholm accommodations-6668.jpg stjernholm accommodations-66622.jpg stjernholm accommodations-6561.jpg
White balance, 2014

Kodak gray scale adapted to wall color stjernholm accommodations-65612.jpg stjernholm accommodations-64082.jpg stjernholm accommodations-63872.jpg stjernholm accommodations-63873.jpg stjernholm accommodations-63874.jpg