Strike, 2011

In the early 19th century in Denmark, foresters began using dynamite instead of regular saws, when they had to fell old wonky trees or just had to thin out in the woods. It mainly takes place in the area called Dyrehaven, which is a man-made nature resort; originally with main gold to be able simulate a natural hunting scene for the King Christian V (1670). Today the area serves as a great public park, where the na- ture is preserved and kept to look as uncultivated as possible. There- fore this method of logging is still in use, and has led to a greater collection of blown up stumps - some trees destroyed by dynamite, some from the natural course of light- ning strikes. For the naked eye it’s impossible to tell the difference between the types of strikes, and to distinguish between what is nature and culture.
45 x 55 cm. Inkjet print