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The Buzz soloexhibition @ Last Resort 13.12.14 - 30.12.14, Copenhagen Stjernholm_The Buzz-4.jpg

YSHIELD emr shielding paint (wifi, cell-phone and electrosmog blocker) on drywall, metal beams, grounding cables, connection plates, grounding rod. White charcoal, water pipe mounts Stjernholm_The Buzz-27.jpg Stjernholm_The Buzz-3.jpg Stjernholm_The Buzz-29.jpg Stjernholm_The Buzz-1.jpg Stjernholm_The Buzz-16.jpg Stjernholm_The Buzz-2.jpg Stjernholm_The Buzz-6.jpg Stjernholm_The Buzz-8.jpg Stjernholm_The Buzz-10.jpg Stjernholm_The Buzz-32.jpg Stjernholm_The Buzz-13.jpg Stjernholm_The Buzz-17.jpg Stjernholm_The Buzz-19.jpg Stjernholm_The Buzz-14.jpg Stjernholm_The Buzz-28.jpg Stjernholm_The Buzz-18.jpg Stjernholm_The Buzz-21.jpg Stjernholm_The Buzz-11.jpg Stjernholm_The Buzz-23.jpg Stjernholm_The Buzz-30.jpg Stjernholm_The Buzz-31.jpg Stjernholm_The Buzz-22.jpg Stjernholm_The Buzz-25.jpg

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